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Bred by Barb Carroll

Owned by Dr. Ian Murray

Memphis, TN

Am. Ch Bentbrook's Double Precision x Bentbrook's Canadian Mist

Multiple Specialty, ABC National Winner, Multiple Best of Breed Winner


3 Majors

4/11/96 5 pt Major, BOW, Best of Breed, Augusta K. C. (9-12 )
Judge: A.W.Krause

4/20/96 Major Win, BOW, Old Dominion K. C.                  
Judge: J. Council Parker

4/29/96 American Boxer Club National Specialty, 9-12 Winner                         

4/28/96 American Boxer Club Futurity, 9-12 2nd place

5/04/96 Bucks County K. C. 9-12 Winner
Judge: Ms. Patsy Connolly

5/05/96 Trenton K. C. 9-12 Winner
Judge: John Connolly

5/11/96 Salisbury N.C. K.C. 9-12 W.D., BOW, Best of Breed
Judge: T.D. Teague

5/18/96 Greater Frt Myers Dog Club W.D., BOW, Best of Breed
Judge: Jon R. Cole

6/18/96 McKinley K.C., W.D., BOW
Judge: Mr. Louis H Harris

6/15/96 Grand Traverse K.C., W.D., BOW, Best of Breed                                   
Judge: Roger Hartinger

10/20/96 Battle Creek K.C., Best of Breed
Judge: Glenn T. Fancy

4/26/97 Packerland K.C. Best of Breed
Judge: Alice Downey

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