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EXAM DATE 10/6/2006     BIRTHDAY 9/11/1997




Appearance ,Weight, Temperature: (NORMAL) Your dog is bright and friendly . He has good body conformation with normal weight and muscle mass for his age and breed. Hydration and body temperature are completely normal as well.

Temperature : (Normal 101-102.5 degrees)

Body Condition Score: (Normal) 31N=Your pet is at an ideal weight of 74

Mouth and Teeth: (Normal) The gums and insides of the cheeks appear sound and healthy. The tongue, tonsils, palate and pharynx have a healthy color and appearance. The teeth appear clean, white and properly aligned. There is no significant accumulation of tartar.

Mucous Membranes: (Normal) Gums are a healthy pink color with normal hydration and capillary refill time.

Musculoskeletal: (Normal) The skeleton is sound and fit. The muscles have normal tone and strength for the dog's age and breed. The pet's gait is normal with no signs of lameness or joint pain. No swelling or abnormalities such as arthritis or muscle wasting at this time.

Cardiovascular: (Normal) Spirit's heart is strong and healthy. Each heart valve sounds normal. There are no murmurs (abnormal sounds). His pulse has a normal rate and strength with a regular rhythm. The capillary refill rate is rapid, indicating good peripheral circulation.

Abdomen and Abdominal Organs: (Normal) The abdomen has a healthy conformation and is free of painful areas. The internal organs palpated, including the kidneys and loops of intestines had normal sizes, location, and consistency. No abnormalities were detected.

Lymph Nodes: (Normal) Prescapular , popliteal, inguinal, submandibular lymph nodes are of normal size and shape.

Urogenital: (Normal) Spirit has a sperm count of 717.5 x 106, with 90 pre freeze, 80 post-thaw % motility and 85 % normal. His prostrate condition was excellent for his age on digital examination.

Overall Health: (Normal) Spirit is very fit and in excellent health; a pleasure to examine and have here in our hospital. We look forward to seeing him again at the next checkup.

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