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Ch. Mephisto's Rosenkavalier ex Bentbrook's Plain Elegance

Multiple Specialty Winner, Multiple Best of Breed Winner

Our hearts were saddened when this great young Boxer had an unfortunate accident and left us at such a young age.


  • 9/92 Houston American Boxer Club Regionals 2nd place 12-18 Winner
    Judge : Dorothy Hazel
  • 9/92 ABC Houston Regionals, 2nd place (12-18)
    Judge: John Connolly
  • 9/92 ABC Houston Regionals, SanJacinto K.C. 3rd place
    Judge: Derek G. Rayne
  • 2/93 Major, Best of Winners Lumberton K.C.
    Judge : Mrs. Eleanore E. Evers
  • 4/93 Winners Dog, BOW, Best of Breed West Volusia K.C.
    Mrs. Robert Smith
  • 4/93 Winners Dog, BOW, Lake Eustis K.C.
    Judge: Mrs. Keke Kahn
  • 4/93 Reserve Major, Augusta K.C.
    Judge: Emil R. Klinckhardt
  • 5/93 Reserve Major, Treasure Coast K.C. of Florida
    Judge: Albert B. Galle
  • 5/93 W.D., Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club
    Judge: Mrs. Peggy Adamson
  • 5/93 W.D., BOW, Best of Breed, Oak Ridge K.C.
    Judge: Mr. Farnandeze S. Cartwright
  • 5/93 W.D. BOW, Best of Breed, Greater Kingsport K.C.
    Judge: Mr. Robert J. Moore
  • 5/93 N.E. Florida Boxer Club, W.D. and BOW
    Judge: Mrs. Eve O. Fisher
  • 7/93 Reserve Major, Tampa Bay K.C.
    Judge: Charles E. Trotter
  • 12/93  W.D. BOW, Best of Breed, Meri-Mis K. C.
    Judge : Mrs. Florence Goldenberg
  • 5/94 Best of Breed, Oshkosh K.C.
    Judge: LaMar Mathis
  • 5/94 Best of Breed Winnegamie Dog Club
    Judge: Robert N. Ecker
  • 5/94 Best of Breed , Fond du Lac K.C.
    Judge: Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin
  • 5/94 Best of Breed, Manitowoc County K.C.
    Judge: Mr. Bill Whaling

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